Payday loans without phone verification and calling the employer


If we care about time and do not want the process of granting cash to be prolonged by phone verification of our workplace or by interviewing ourselves with consultants, loans without phone verification may be helpful. Such a loan can be obtained in 15 minutes on account, without unnecessary formalities and certificates. We save time in this way because we do not have to wait for contact from a consultant who will confirm our data. You will also not need to provide any bank statements or bank documents. Loan companies operating on this principle usually grant loans of up to $ 5,000 and usually have the first payday loan gratis. It is worth using this opportunity and save money in your home budget. See for an example

Payday loans without calling the employer

Online loans that do not verify your workplace are extremely convenient. Because not everyone would like his employer to find out that his employee has financial problems and takes loans, especially if he works in a small company. Instant payments without calling the employer allow you to bypass phone verification and receive cash quickly, via the Internet, without additional requirements.

What to do if your application is rejected?

What to do if your application is rejected?

Sometimes it may happen that the loan application is considered negative. If you check all companies in our ranking and when most of them gave a negative decision, it is worth checking loans without BIK. 

Why do some loan companies verify their clients’ phone numbers?

Why do some loan companies verify their clients

This is a fairly important question, because loan companies do not contact their clients for no reason. This is because, for important reasons, the lender must be sure to grant payday loans to the person whose details are given in the application. Unfortunately, in our country there are dishonest people who, having in their possession data from an ID card and access to bank accounts, take loans for an unconscious victim. Because the account owner does not know that the loan was taken on him, he does not repay it, and this is a loss for the loan company. Among other things, to protect against this, some companies verify the identity of their clients in detail.

How are loans granted without phone verification?

How are loans granted without phone verification?

It cannot be denied that loans without verification in any form are rare. The reason is very simple. Despite the fact that loan institutions show quite high flexibility towards their clients, they cannot support any anonymous person. It’s too risky, so you’ll need to meet the following criteria to borrow:

  • of legal age – some companies lend money to 18-year-olds, and others shortly after the borrower is 21-23 years old,
  • full legal capacity,
  • current ID card, e-mail address, Polish telephone number,
  • Polish citizenship and permanent residence in the country,
  • fixed income – interestingly, lenders accept various sources of income, e.g. employment contract, commission / work contract, retirement / disability pension, Family benefit “500+” or pre-retirement allowance etc. 

How do companies that don’t call customers work?

How do companies that don

Such companies process applications 100% automatically and usually their employees are programmers rather than customer service employees. Everything happens without the participation of a credit decision specialist and consultant. That is why it allows us to process applications quickly. The transfer to the account is sent even within 15 minutes of a positive decision, and if you have an account in the same bank as the loan company, the money will be credited in a few minutes.

Such lenders grant loans without phone verification. It is highly probable that similar solutions will soon be implemented by other companies, thanks to which the long waiting time for consideration of the application will be forgotten.

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