Flexible loan up to 60000 USD for 2 years

A Good Credit loan can solve your financial needs. You can apply for an amount between USD 10,000 to 60,000 with a maturity of 6 to 24 months. You can use the money as you please for whatever you need. A fast non-bank loan that you can customize. Postpone or change installments or increase the amount.

You can apply for a non-bank loan online by completing an application at Good Credit. In the first step you choose the amount, the amount of the repayment and the maturity period, then just fill in the registration form. This is how you create your profile for future use. Just wait for the result after submitting your request. The Good Credit loan, an equally smaller version of the Good Finance loan, is provided by Good Finance.

Good Credit loan settlement

Good Credit loan settlement

Each applicant is reviewed in the debtors’ registers and its creditworthiness is also assessed. If you have an entry in the registry, the reason why the entry was entered in the registry is investigated and does not necessarily mean a stopwatch to approve an application, as is a loan without a registry.

After submitting the application and processing it, you will learn the decision to approve the loan. The loan money will be remitted to you by wire transfer. The transfer speed depends on the bank with which you have an account. So you can have your money within a few minutes or the transfer is guaranteed within 2 days to any bank.

Included in categories:

Non-bank loan

Good Credit Loan Terms

Good Credit Loan Terms

To successfully register and apply for a loan, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • age from 18 years
  • citizen of the Czech Republic
  • valid identity card + other identity document
  • bank account in a bank operating in the Czech Republic
  • constant income
  • ability to repay the loan
  • seamless payment history

Repayment of Good Credit loan

You can also repay the loan in advance without charge. You can also extend the maturity period as needed. Otherwise, the repayment must be made by transfer within the deadline. You will see the individual installment settings on your profile and on the invoice you receive.

It is important to enter the variable symbol correctly so that payments are correctly matched. In case you do not have to pay the installment it is necessary to contact the operators of the company you are naked to find a suitable solution to this situation. This site is a marketing presentation. 

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